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This is my dedication to the master of fantasy art Frank Frazetta.
Frank Frazzetta is known world wide as the top man in fantasy art. I like so many others have tried to emulate his style but as another great artist Burne Hogarth once said, "There is only one Frazetta and he's it!". I admire Frank for his Passion and style. His paintings are larger than life and portray animals and humans in a way that is unmatched by any artist living or dead.
Frank is truly a legend in his own time and there will never be another like him. Frank Frazetta has been an a huge inspiration to me and the main reason that I am an artist today. Thanks Frank for giving us all a deeper perspective on how art should be and for opening our minds to the limitless possibilities of imagination.

The Death Dealer
Original concept by Frank Frazetta
Painted in Acrylics by Van Bonds 2000
30x40 Inches


Click the link below and go to the oficial Frank Frazetta web site.